Commonly Requested Talks

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Bring STEM to Class! A practical Guide for teachers

Most educators recognize the importance of 21st century skills for the modern workforce, but few effectively translate this into lesson plans for their students. Based on Justin's professional experience in multiple STEM disciplines and STEM youth development programs, this tech savvy workshop walks teachers through unique lesson plans to engage students in STEM.

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Boring lectures and uninspiring teachers often ruin students’ perceptions of STEM. This adventurous talk informs students about real life experiences of modern STEM professionals, and the prospects of STEM careers. Students will leave this talk well-aware of their potential career and scholarship opportunities in STEM.

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How to speak ‘Gen Z’

"Parents Never Understand" has taken on an entirely new meaning with the upcoming 'Generation Z.' This generation is the first of truly 'digital natives' - meaning many of these kids grew up with iPads in their hands. This talk & accompanying workshops prepare attendees for engaging this truly unique cohort of children.