Justin Shaifer, also known as ‘Mr. Fascinate’, is a popular science communicator and STEM Education Specialist, with over 20,000 social media followers and 2.5m content views. Here is some of his most notable work:


Escape Lab WGBH - featured on Twitch

Viewed by over 43,000 live participants, Justin plays the charismatic host of a science game show where YouTube and Twitch influencers compete to return to earth safely!

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TEDx - How to Speak ‘Generation Z’

Viewed over 250,000 times, this popular talk prepares parents and educators to engage the next generation of students.


The Magic Cool Bus

A 501 (c)(3) non-profit project that brings a mobile museum with culturally responsive STEM curriculum to students in NYC.

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‘Hood Science

An animated series designed to demystify STEM concepts for urban students.

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A YouTube Channel featuring animations and explanations of STEM concepts.

Other Popular Engagements

Why STEM is DOPE! | X-STEM 2019

Justin addresses over 1,000 students and educators, discussing his personal triumphs and trials in STEM

Co-Host | 2018 March for Science DC

Over 5,000 science advocates joined to address the importance of science and science policy.

Commencement Address | UAG Technology School

Viewed over 20,000 times, this keynote prepares diverse students for a future STEM workforce.


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