Speaking Business is Flourishing!

16 years ago, I gave my first speech: On the southside of #Chicago, at a flee market, I read a children's book in front of 15 people, including my mom.

I stuttered nervously through the reading, and tears streamed down my face.

I was a SUPER shy kid and my greatest fear was public speaking.

But I hated discomfort more than I hated #speaking.

I decided from that point forward; I'd ATTACK speaking until I OWNED it.

16 years, 100+ talks, and 20,000 audience members (+300,000 digital) later - I aggressively seek massive crowds and pre-speech anxiety barely exists.

Not only do I OWN speaking, but I OWN a speaking #business and it is flourishing!

This is a philosophy for life. ATTACK discomfort until you LACK discomfort. Conquering most fears is that simple, including the most common fear in the world: public speaking.

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