Keynote - Spring Field Technical Community College

A recent #speaking engagement at Springfield Technical Community #College left me with a thought-provoking question...

The young #student and his brother pictured here are perhaps the most voracious children I have encountered thus far!

After my #STEM #keynote, we went out to lunch. (Thanks Dr. Griffin-Fennell!) Here, the students continuously asked me to test their knowledge on #science vocab words including: intergalactic, asphyxiate, and optometry. It became a competition!

I left the encounter impressed with both the #students and Dr. Griffin-Fennell's parenting.

This lead to even more questions; How much of their aggressive curiosity is nature, how much is nurture?

On a more pragmatic note, how can we nurture voracious attitudes towards #learning past early #childhood and into puberty and beyond?

What are your thoughts?