MIT can do better...

#MIT has such an impressive #campus. I almost wasn't disappointed...

As I strolled through state-of-the-art facilities and admired beautiful sculptures, I noticed an odd phenomenon.

Each #black student I passed (5 total in a 3 hour visit) held eye contact and gave a head nod.

Black and brown #students, especially in #IvyLeague schools, may find this familiar. Since there are so few of us, we're often trying to see if we know each other. Even if we don't, the head-nod is a courtesy. It's almost to say:

"Good job getting here, I know what you've been through, brother."

One #student informed me that they were strongly considering transferring. Not because of the rigor of their program, but because they lacked a support system.

I later discovered that 6% of students at MIT identify as black, which may include Africans, Caribbeans and other African descendants.

For such an impressive campus, this is one abysmal statistic.

MIT needs melanin!

#MITNeedsMelanin #Education #Future #STEM

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