What's Your North Star?

What's your north star?

When I moved to New York City in 2017, that's all I had.

I knew I wanted to excite and inspire students in #STEM. So every move I made achieved this goal.

Since then, I've:

-Spoken to over 10,000 #students

-Trained over 300 #educators

-Produced 100+ #STEM videos

-Implemented 10 #STEAM programs in #NYC

-Produced an animated #cartoon series

-Become a Doctoral Student at Columbia University

To pull this off, I clocked in 1000s of hours of free labor, I was never 'too good' to be inconvenienced.

While others were negotiating fees, I took what I could get, stacked my numbers up, and improved my craft. I kept chasing my North Star.

As a result, I'm proud to announce that as of 2 months ago, I'm financially sustainable!

The catch is, no #entrepreneur is ever COMPLETELY financially stable.

My north star remains stable despite the highs and lows of #entrepreneurship.

Find yours and follow it.

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