3 Ways to Successfully Create Linkedin Content

People vastly underestimate the effectiveness of Linkedin #content creation.

#Instagram and #Facebook are extremely saturated with ads, and costs to advertise on these platforms continue to increase.

Meanwhile, #Linkedin gives free visibility to your page organically. If you post properly, you will find #clients, and clients will find you.

In fact, over 60% of my #speaking requests from the past year came from my Linkedin DMs.

Here are 3 ways to set your page up for success:

1) Keep a concise, but well-written page that clearly describes your value-add. - Important things to keep updated are #media materials, bio, #experience and endorsements.

2) Post often! - #Pics, videos, reflections, anything (tasteful)! Linkedin gives your content so much visibility for #free, it's almost unfair.

3) Write an #article pertaining to your field of expertise. Linkedin's Pulse platform yields favorable results on Google search. With the right push, your article will be shared by Linkedin's editors all over the site!

Speaking of which, I'll be writing an article on some of my own Linkedin hacks very soon. Stay tuned!

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