Lessons from Training 350 Teachers

"A total of 350 teachers signed up for your talk" caused my heart to sink to my stomach.

Yesterday, I found out I'd be responsible for providing 350 #teachers with 2 hours of #STEM and #STEAM training...

on a Monday...

AFTER school...

AFTER they just ate dinner.

My chances of #success seemed slim. All day, I pictured teachers slipping into post-work food comas while I shouted desparately to keep their attention.

Although this massive #workshop was out of my comfort zone, I kept telling myself that it was "in my radius of possibility".

After a series of mini freak-out sessions followed by affirmations, I was ready to put myself out there.

Turns out my leap of faith was worth it - 93% of teachers would recommend the STEM training to their #colleagues in a post #survey and several teachers requested a part 2.

One Teacher's Association member informed me that in 33 years, she'd never been more engaged during a Professional Development workshop.

As an early professional #speaker, I envisioned myself one day fully overcoming nervousness, anxiety and moments of self-doubt.

I'm beginning to realize - Those moments never fully disappear. Instead, you begin to say yes to increasingly audacious #challenges!

I'm super excited to perform more PDs!

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