Funding Diverse Entrepreneurs

Far too often, #Entrepreneurs of color find their ventures underfunded.

Here's one of the main issues:

#VentureCapitalists and #Philanthropists may view financial support of founders of color as a charity act.

But supporting us is SO MUCH more than that.

We are often the most qualified #leaders to address modern consumer and social issues. Here are some reasons:

1) A black or brown founder has an intuitive understanding of their #market that someone outside of their culture could not. Think of Quincy Jones and the #music industry.

2) A black or brown founder of a #social venture has likely LIVED through the issues they seek to solve, and is unlikely to approach beneficiaries with a toxic savior complex. Think of Kimberly Bryant and Black Girls CODE.

3) How many #viral posts of leadership of color have you seen this year? I lost count in January. Simply HIRING a leader of color can market a product/service to millions.

Support of #leadership of color in 2018 isn't charity, it's a smart #business decision.

Let's carry this lesson over into the new year.

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