Ignored Emails Suck!

As a full-time #entrepreneur, my livelihood depends on #lead generation.

But follow up is where leads turn to #business.

How many of you TRULY #followup with people like I did on this email chain?

Initially, I worried that I'd annoy prospective #clients, but I realized 3 things:

1) People are busy - You have no idea what someone else's #schedule is. If you're asking THEM for something, you'd better be willing to remind them of your request.

2) Busy people respect persistence - #Gatekeepers to opportunities - #school admissions, big #speaking events, etc. Often keep mazes and walls in place to weed out folks who aren't serious. Don't get stuck behind a faux wall that you lack the persistence to break down.

3) If someone commits something to you, there is nothing 'annoying' about holding them #accountable.

If a person you're contacting is intolerable of your persistence, then perhaps they shouldn't make promises they can't keep.

#email #marketing #strategy

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