You don't need anyone's approval to follow your dreams.

When I graduated from college, I KNEW I wanted to make #STEM cool for youth.

I #volunteered at museums, reached out to popular #authors, and aggressively sought validation from my role models.

Instead of validation, I received rejection...

I applied for a #YouTube host position on a popular #science platform. After multiple follow-ups with multiple people, I was ignored. They likely didn't think I was good enough.

Truth-be-told, I wasn't.

I decided that I'd approve myself. I created my own YouTube channel. I taught myself video #production, #animation, graphic #design, and sound #engineering. The videos were poor quality initially, but I was COMMITTED to making progress, regardless of approval.

Since then, I've produced over 100 STEM videos, received 1.3M views on all social #media platforms, and spoken to over 5,000 #students directly about the importance of STEM. I'm also studying STEM education while pursuing a PhD at #Columbia University in the City of New York

FINALLY, after 2 years, the testimonials and approvals are coming in. Good thing I didn't wait.