3 Tips to becoming a Professional Speaker

Before I became a professional #keynote speaker, I said yes to every opportunity to speak.

"Free? Great! 5 audience members? Where do I sign up?"

I did this for a few reasons:

1) Unless you've already written a book, have an amazing #story, or had a sensational career, you have minimal leverage as a #speaker. It's unlikely that you'll get #paid to speak if you haven't built up credentials, media, testimonials, etc.

2) It takes time to develop a clear, targeted #message. Like stand-up comedians, repeated performances with iterative improvement are the best way increase your #skill level.

3) More than anything, I loved the craft. #Speaking is the most commonly listed fear in the US (death is #2), but I've found that persistently attacking the discomfort of speaking can eventually lead to excitement about your next engagement.

What are your thoughts?

#education #publicspeaking

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