Urban Student Culture is NOT Anti-Academic

#Academia often (unconsciously) perceives embracing #urban cultures as anti-academic.

Telling #students to remove hats, stop creating (beats on tables), and shunning students for speaking up. These same activities are positively reinforced outside of the classroom.

I attempt to rewire this inconsiderate engineering of our youth's circuitry. I have them create #raps about science, brainstorm ways that their fitted caps can become #WearableTech and learn how their own #culture is INNATELY related to #STEM.

I believe a huge impetus behind African American and Latinx youth disengagement in #STEM fields is what they see around them.

From the entry point - where #STEM is seen as "only for the 'gifted'" and white scientists are depicted in cartoons and movies.

To the workplace - Where several of my volunteer staff are the only women/people of color in their office or team.

Do you agree? Let's discuss.

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