Hey friends, putting this out into the #universe because I have NO IDEA where to start!

I'd like to #host a #STEM or #STEAM #video series as a #media personality for a large platform/business. Preferably one that posts videos onto #youtube.

Examples include National Geographic Seeker Media NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration BuzzFeed Discovery Inc Nova Science Publishers, Inc. AAAS Blavity Inc. Complex Networks and even Netflix or VICE Media.

Here's some relevant background experience:

Produced, directed, hosted and edited 2 seasons of STEM content on my YouTube page:

Produced, scripted and animated a STEM-focused animated series called 'Hood Science:

Performed over 50 STEM-related #speaking engagements in front of over 10,000 audience members, here's a press kit:

2+ years experience with: #Adobe Premiere Pro, Audition, Illustrator, #Photoshop, Lightroom

1 year experience with: Character animator, After Effects.

Anyone have leads/places for me to start looking? Would greatly appreciate any and everything!

If you don't know, please SHARE!

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