Nerds Don't Always Wear Lab Coats

#Nerds don't always wear lab coats.

I propose an annihilation of our antiquated perception of #geeks.

I've spoken with #students who feel that they aren't smart or analytical enough to be in #STEM fields, even though they think it's "cool".

Workforce trends demand that careers in #science and #technology stop seeming reserved for 'analytical people'.

I find the term a bit narcissistic. It suggests individuals displaying emotional, interpersonal, musical, or spatial intelligence are not also smart people.

Connections between isolated analytical folks are often facilitated by the emotionally intelligent, much to the betterment of the #STEM field.

Divergent thinking, #diversity and #creativity in #STEM are arguably more lucrative now than ever before.

#Stem professionals come in all shapes, sizes, personalities and colors.

Don't forget it!

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