Here's how IG TV (Instagram TV) could Dethrone YouTube:

We've seen social media platforms come and go, but one of the longest lasting and farthest reaching platforms is YouTube. It's the 2nd most popular search engine on the planet, under its owner, Google.

YouTube has held its throne for over a decade. Platforms like Vimeo, Vine, and more recently Twitch have challenged the throne, but they've either failed or bailed.

YouTube has found a worthy opponent...

In a press conference that boasted Instagram's 1 billion monthly active users, the social media titan announced IG TV. A new platform for long-form Instagram video content.

On IG TV, users can post hour-long videos, with a key difference - vertical orientation.

This creates an entirely new lane for video content, on a platform where many have amassed their largest social media following.

Starving YouTubers may begin to ask themselves, "If I have over 4,000 followers on Instagram, why should I post videos for my 124 YouTube subscribers?"

Additionally, Instagram followers may engage more with their friends' long-form content than YouTubers' random visitors from the search bar.

While YouTube will have the largest and simplest platform for search-engine-accessible content for the foreseeable future, Instagram is aware of the quantity of time and eyeballs on its platform, and they seek to capitalize. As an added bonus, IG TV is currently ad-free.

On the flip-side, IG TV users may experience info-overload...

When early users scrolled and tapped on 2010 Instagram, it was a simple picture-sharing app. That was its advantage - no frills, just image sharing and filters. As Instagram's popularity grew, loads of features were added. The addition of Instagram Stories and Instagram Live video, for example, made the user interface a bit clunky, but relatively manageable for experienced users. As our homepage/timeline becomes saturated with photos, videos, direct messages, IG live videos, Stories from our friends, AND igTV, users may feel overwhelmed.

Conversely, users may feel underwhelmed by IG TV. While YouTube boasts a wide variety of educational content, IG TV's interface appears to favor mindless, attention-grabbing and entertaining content like the Vines and Snapchats of yester-year. Educational video platforms may find more success on YouTube.

But Still...

If Instagram can manage to provide a seamless experience for its 1 billion users with bite-sized attention spans, then it stands to take a significant portion of the mobile video market from YouTube. Contrarily, I find it unlikely that YouTube users will go to any other platform to search for specific videos.

What are your thoughts? Does Instagram have additional advantages? Let's discuss! I am certainly interested in seeing how this plays out in the coming months, so interested that I posted a custom cartoon for IG TV. Check it out on my page if you have some time :)